Hi there! We established in 2022 as Jasper County Trails Club, INC. as a 501(c)3 non-for-profit organization made up of local, driven volunteers dedicated to making a greenway a reality for all of us; while in harmony & conjunction with our state & local officials.

The Why: To preserve a non-motorized, paved walking/bike path before we’re land-locked out of options. Trails are a huge value add to the recreational enjoyment, health & safety of a community.

Our Goal: Is to have active transportation options included into all new development throughout our towns & county & make this a “trail system” connecting all the communities of Jasper County, Indiana by way of trail.

We hope that you consider joining us on this adventure as we seek to find the best routes available in connecting our communities. This is a county wide effort & will require many long thin parcels of land—along perimeters, ditch banks, unused wooded areas & the like to piece together to make a connected trail system here. Generations to come will appreciate these efforts as well. Please join us by praying, donating & sharing the positive impact & benefits that trails & walking paths provide.

Keep exploring Jasper County!