We seek to implement a paved pedestrian path that connects communities & keeps people safe from traffic on roads.


This trail is non-motorized and per Indiana law, Class 1 & 2 E-bikes are permitted. Motorized wheelchairs are ADA compliant & also acceptable. Dirt bikes, ATV’s, golf carts & the like are not permissible.


Our goal is to include horse trails in the rural sections of our county, as we are an agricultural area with many horseback riders.


Rivers are water trails (otherwise known as blue ways) and Jasper County has two that are navigable; the beautiful Kankakee & Iroquois rivers.

About us

We exist to help bring trails to Jasper County, Indiana

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Trails increase quality of life & safety

Pedestrians in Jasper County are currently limited to park/preserve loops, subdivisions that contain sidewalks or being on the high speed, narrow county roads.

Health & wellness

The public health benefits trails provide are enormous. Exercise in nature & fresh air is good for mental health, blood pressure, cardio & stress levels.


Providing better bicycle & pedestrian connections helps to increase mobility for those that may not have access to a car & provides safe opportunities to travel throughout the community.

active transportation 

More people walking, on bicycles or horses, means less vehicles, traffic & people on the roads. 

increases land value

Property values increase along or nearby trail corridors. Backed up by data from realtors & homebuyers associations.

Points of interest

Our goal is to connect the 4 major municipalities of Jasper County together by way of trail. We also are diverging plans to connect this trail system to the edges of our county to connect to destinations such as, but not limited to, Fair Oaks Farms Dairy Adventure, Jasper-Pulaski Fish & Wildlife Area, and the Great American Rail-Trail that will connect North Judson to Hebron, Indiana and beyond. 


DeMotte is our fastest growing community & closest to “The Region” & greater Chicagoland suburbs. It is vital we get trails down here before we are landlocked out of connectivity options.


Wheatfield is the closest town to DeMotte & they share the Kankakee Valley High School. Connecting our schools to have a pedestrian option is vital so that schools & families aren’t solely relying on buses & automobiles for students transportation.


Rensselaer is our county seat & boasts a downtown charm with a vibrant RenArt Walk. It is also home to industry, a roller rink, movie theater & other points of recreation.


Remington is in southern Jasper County & is located within a 90-minute drive from both Chicago and Indianapolis & has a beautiful park system in place. Remington is also home to Carpenter Creek Cellars & Winery.


We have to pre-plan & design for trails into our infrastructure now before we are land locked out of options that can connect us.


Trail Testimonials

Dont’ take our word for it – here’s what neighbors to trails say:

“Now that I’ve lived by a trail, I wouldn’t ever move further than 2 miles away from one.”

NWI Strider member

Schererville, IN

“Living next to a trail has given our family the joy of a lineal park & of sharing that joy with others, such as the Warriors Expedition’s transcontinental trekkers.”

Steve & Kathy Lucas

North Judson, IN

“The trail took a long time–decades in fact, with a lot of resistance at the beginning, but ended up being the very best thing our community has & it is enjoyed by all age groups.”

John Y.

Middlebury, IN

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Our Team

is made of driven, local volunteers dedicated to making a greenway available for all of us

Team Members:

Michelle Lagestee, Rodney Urbano, Grant Allen, Jeff Boer, Jeff Schepel, Char Groet, Brian Hoffman, Stacy Hoffman

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